MARSI (Medical Adhesive Related Skin Injuries) is a common but under-recognized complication in wound care

Impact of MARSI

  • The application and removal of medical adhesive dressings to the skin typically manifests as a skin tear, blistering, moist or macerated skin.

  • The average cost to fix an incidence of MARSI is $125.

  • Our customer discovery shows that the issue exists for 30% of the hospital population.

  • Economic Impact of MARSI in excess care and time costs is around $13B.

  • This problem exists today even after introduction of better dressings and skin barrier products - Strong unmet need.

PolyLux’s disruptive product AuraPeel is based on a breakthrough photo-responsive adhesive that sticks better than competition but removes easy on demand.

With use of AuraPeel

  • The wound care team is able to remove and reapply dressings faster.

  • There are less incidences of trauma in a health-care setting.

  • Potentially heals the wounds faster.

  • Overall its good for the patients as they suffer less pain and trauma.

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PolyLux is an innovative advanced materials company that is creating a light-switchable adhesive platform. Our main target market is the medical adhesives space as there is a strong and unmet need for an adhesive that attaches stronger than what’s on the market today but releases easy on demand.

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